Influencer by choice or by coincidence?

InfluencerIs influencer something you choose to be or do you just become one, due to the fact that you simply are yourself, i.e. more by coincidence. Looking at people who do good deeds, I think you have both scenarios. We all know influential persons like Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Hans Rosling and Kofi Annan. Thanks to their professional roles, they have gained prominence which they have used to engage in certain areas. Their chosen emphasis is on important and specific topics like world climate, humanitarian rights, global health or secure world peace. However, there are many other persons, who have a strong belief in helping others and being able to make a difference in a person’s life, community or the world as a whole. They are acting selflessly, they are driven by their courage, and they are natural leaders. They are often obsessed with the thought of helping others.

I think each one of us can become an influencer simply by doing good deeds and inspire others to follow. With help of social media, we now have the possibility to share, tweet, write, like and spread the world to get other to follow us. A good example of this is the black eleven-year-old girl Marley Dias, who grew tired of reading assigned books like “about white boys and dogs – characters” which she could not identify with. She wanted to read books with more diversity and when she complained about this to her mother, she asked her; ”Well, what are you going to do about it?” She answered, ”I am going to start a campaign where black girls are the main character and give these books to various school. The campaign lead to the #1000blackgirlbooks

and got a tremendous attention in media and influenced both individuals, schools and other organizations to be part of this movement. I believe the blog of Marley Dias is a source of inspiration for many other young children and it might have been her inspiring the nine-year-old Gianni Graham starting off with the campaign #1kbarbiesfor1kgirls at @dollsfordolls

Malala-Yousafzai_Antonio-OlmosWe are all familiar with the circumstances that made Malala come out in publicity. Before she was an anonymous blogger documenting the worries she and her friends felt as they saw students leaving from class. In 2012 she got known to the world and could build up her personal brand based on her passion and believe that every girl, every child should be educated”. 2013 she was named one of TIME magazine’s most influential people  Malala’s campaign for global education has taken her around the world and raised awareness about the over 60 million children around the world who are not in school. With her humble and strong personality and dedicated work, she has become the role model for many others and is a highly recognized person in her field.

N_Soufi1Nawal Soufi is another example of how a coincidence and a strong believe and willingness to help, have given here recognition and strong credibility. It all started some years ago when she worked as an aid worker to deliver medications to a hospital in Homs in Syria and gave away her phone number to some Syrians. Back at that time no one had plans to escape but as the situation got worse here phone number spread around the internet. Suddenly one day it was all over and saved in thousands of people’s mobile phones far beyond Syria’s boarders and her Facebook page got thousands of followers. Today she is called ”The angel” or ”Lady SOS” always on call to initiate a rescue for vulnerable refugees.

In an interview she says This is a drug. A powerful drug that is not available for sale. It is called humanity”. Her dedication and tirelessly work has made her an influencer in her field. Apparently, she has made her way all up to the European Parliament where she got invited to speak up for all the refugees and give them a voice.

Nawal’s speech begins in this video at 21.50 minutes and can be translated to english.

For me, all these kind of persons are influencers in the area of good deeds. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

When you think about good deeds who do you think about? Who influence you positively? Please share it with me.


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