Super(lative) good deeds

Shari Ariso – initiator of Good Deeds Day

Imagining America when living in Europe, you visualize things to be bigger and greater. Moving to the USA I soon came to realize that this is indeed true. Not only are the cars bigger, the houses taller and the streets wider.Words are used in a greater way. Never before have I been confronted with so many superlatives like Awesome, Great, Fantastic, Fabulous, Terrific, etc. Hearing these words constantly affects you in a positive way. After a while you walk more upright and actually do believe …well, I am actually pretty awesome…

Superlatives3Several studies have been made around the topic of how words influence our behavior, our perceptions of reality and the way we think.

If languages we speak profoundly shape the way we think, the way we see the world, the way we live our lives“, don’t things we do shape the way we feel? I believe so and the businesswoman and philanthropist, Shari Ariso says  I believe that if people will think good, speak good and do good, the circles of goodness will grow in the world.

I came across this statement when I searched the internet for positive news. Shari Ariso initiated a project called “Good Deeds Day” back in 2007 and it has grown bigger and bigger ever since. In the first year, 7,000 people participated in 130 projects from one country and during the event on March 15, 2015 a whopping 930,000 participants from 70 countries took part in 11,000 projects. Shari Ariso continues…

Good Deeds Day has become the leading day of giving and this year individuals, school children, students, soldiers and employees from many businesses are joining in for the annual Good Deeds Day with the aim of doing a good deed for others.

I think this is an amazing and very inspirational project! Since I decided to blog about people doing good deeds I found myself drawn to all the positive news and it makes me feel happy, more humble and appreciative of small things in life. In fact, I got surprised how many great news there actually are out there. Like the other day, when I waited for a staff member at the car dealer, I saw a news post about a little girl with a rare tumor, who had received hundred of postcards. Because she could not travel her parents had the idea to ask people around the world to send her postcards and let the world come to her.

Shortly after, I ran into a friend who told me how she and her children just helped stocking up tables and serve food at the largest homeless shelter of New England.

I think being surrounded by superlatives, do good, help eachother and pay attention to positive news really puts things in another perspective and make you see the world more positive.

What are your experiences? Please share them with me.


3 thoughts on “Super(lative) good deeds

  1. stina-Clara Hjulström

    Jag håller helt med. Goda gärningar sprider sig som ringar på vattnet. och det är något världen behöver!


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