Thank You

John KralikHow many times a day do you say “Thank you”? I do not know – I have never counted, but I have the feeling that we say it quite often. “We say thank you for gifts, thank you for special favors, and thank you for assistance in times of need. But it’s not only the big things where thank you matters. We also say thank you as we’re handed our change in the store, thank you to someone who holds the door for us, and thank you to the person who passes us the salt at dinner”.

According to an article in Daily Mail the average person will say ‘thank you’ nearly 5,000 times a year”, that would mean around 13 times a day. I got quite surprised – as I thought it would be more.

James Clear writes about the science of human behavior and how to build better habits. I came across his post on Make Your Life Better by Saying Thank You in These 7 Situations”  What he writes is really thoughtful and if applying it actively, it would certainly increase the frequency of saying thank you.

However, what really matter is how we say it. We are all familiar with recorded voices thanking us for our call (when we know in truth that they love the business, but dread the call). “When thank you becomes a thoughtless auto-response, we’ve begun to lose the narrative of gratitude”.

365 Thank YousWhen searching the web for people doing good deeds I came across the story of  L.A. attorney John Kralik who, decided to write a thank-you card every day for an entire year. Later it turned into a book called, 365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life.

Watch the movie it only takes 3 min and there are some really touching moments.

I got really inspired and although I do not think I can make one a day I can at least start and do it right away.

Thank You noteIn January this year I started an online course in Social Media and Branding and I was skeptical about not meeting classmates and teachers. Not being able to have discussions with other students and asking questions to the teacher face to face. Now 15 weeks later I must revise my opinion. If it is hard for a student it must be even more challenging for the teachers as they need to be 110% clear with all instructions and minimize the room for uncertainty and misunderstandings. Dr. Leila Samii and Bridget Franciscovich at Harvard University made a fantastic job. You really managed to build up a feeling of community and the course was absolute fabulously organized. You also coverd so much information, that every lesson felt like two.

During the course we had to do 2 group works and also here (coming from the old school) I was a bit skeptical about doing group work without meeting in person. It turned out to work really well, thank you Maria, William, Cynthia, Jennifer, and Janelle, I really liked our fruitful discussions around the cases and a special thanks to Michael (I now know that you are a picture guru) for setting up the power point slides. I know it took you almost a day, but they looked fantastic.

Thank you also to Helen and Jennifer for your nice and encouraging words and for being such loyal followers of my blog. Thanks to you Jordan, I got an insight in the Millennial generation – I really enjoyed reading your blog posts. To all the others in class I also want to bring out a big thank you. I always enjoyed reading the funny, informative and up lifting comments in our chat during class and got insight in so many interesting and diverse areas. I could never ever imagine that it was possible to build up such a feeling of community although we have never meet. Did someone thought social media would make us less social?

When I started I was completely new to Social Media but thanks to this course I am really hooked and so motivated to dig deeper into this topic. Thank you to all of you, you are a part of it and I wish you good luck and success with what you want to accomplish.  See you all online!


4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. changing2moveforward

    Excellent Blog!!! Thank you to you too… Every Monday at Bridget’s class I also felt your great support…we both shared the same questions :))) … your blogs are really inspirational and I look forward to reading more of them in the future…

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