Anticipation is the best joy!

Group of friends enjoying road trip in convertible --- Image by © Tim Pannell/Corbis
Image by © Tim Pannell/Corbis

The last month in our home in Boston was marked by planning, packing and organizing. For our oversea move back to Sweden we had several things to take care of; find new tenants, terminate contracts, sell off domestic electrical equipment, sell our two cars and of course, start packing. While all of this was going on, we also had friends from Europe visiting us and attended several end of school year events and good-bye parties.

Sometime during all the planning and organizing we decided to drive our 7 seater van and sell it in San Francisco. By doing that we would not only get to see a huge part of the U.S. but also make a dream come true for my parents in law – travelling along old Route 66. They are both 77 years old with a good health and open mind. During the course of their lives they have lived in nine different countries and have travelled all around the world, but never within the U.S. So when they heard about our idea, they did not need much time to make up their minds and decide to join us. The reactions to our trip were many and varied from “Wow, that is pretty cool”, “Absolutely right thing to do” and “Yes, you should definitely do this” to “Really, with your in laws for three weeks”, Have your really thought this through” or “How can you do this at your age” . However, we all got thrilled by the idea and started to plan – we thought now – or never and actaully I felt really humble that we would be three generations in the car. We needed space for 7 bags, 7 hand luggage, and a big cool box. We realized we would need a roof box and that our dog Sanni wouldn’t be able to join us. Being seven people in the car for such a long trip would be a challenge for all of us, but we were convinced that the benefits would outweigh all disadvantages and the impressions more than likely enrich every participant considerably – being experienced by three generations at the same time – all with different backgrounds and knowledge.

The journey at a glance:
Number of days:               25
Number of states:             16+2 in Canada
Distance:                            4,500 miles (approx. 7 340 km)
Driving hours:                   approx.  72


AAATo plan and get tips and inspiration for the trip we used different blogs/vlogs like e.g. To Europe & Beyond  and von Unterwegs (“from on the way”). We also visited AAA to get the required maps and used the known sites like myscenicdrives, tripadvisor and hotel booking sites like, and a new one for me named to find good hotel deals. For the actual trip along Route 66 we bought books and researched the internet – and ended up using Road trip USA the most.

We were all aware that our trip time would be limited and we wouldn’t be able to stay long at each visited place. But the good thing about our trip would be that we would get insights to a lot of places, people and culture and decide whether it would be worthwhile coming back to explore these places in future. Moreover, the trip would make our impression of this huge country more complete – like a puzzle, where every piece contributes to a better sight of the whole picture.

Unwritten storyThe time for the start and end of the journey is set, but everything in between is an unwritten story that will be filled with happenings and new experiences. Along the trip I will post about our impressions, and mix it with stories of good deeds I hope to hear from locals I intend to interview on my way. I am excited where our trip will take us. Stay tuned and follow me on our trip from coast to coast.



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